Monday, June 4, 2007

Software Release - fwknop-1.8

The 1.8 release of fwknop is ready for download. This release includes major new functionality to allow fwknop to function in server mode with ipfw firewalls on *BSD systems, and the fwknop client now runs on Windows systems under Cygwin. Here is the ChangeLog:
  • Added support for ipfw firewalls (found on *BSD systems). The IPTables::Parse and IPTables::ChainMgr modules are not installed on such systems.
  • Added gpg-agent support for both the fwknop client and fwknopd SPA server.
  • Updated client-only installation mode to restrict perl module installation to those module that are actually required by the fwknop client. This results in clean installs of the fwknop client on Windows systems running Cygwin.
  • Added --Defaults to so that fwknop can be installed without prompting the user to answer any questions. This is to make it easier to install fwknop on the Source Mage Linux distro.
  • Consolidated daemon config files into the fwknop.conf file (except for the access.conf file). This simplifies the configuration of fwknop.
  • Added recursive variable resolution in the parsing routines for the fwknop.conf file. This allows variable values to contain embedded variables.
  • Added init script for FreeBSD systems.
  • Added --BSD-install command line argument to This is not normally necessary since the installer should detect installations on *BSD systems, but this option can force this behavior.
  • Updated knopmd and knopwatchd to use safe_malloc() instead of malloc().
  • Bugfix to never time out rules from SOURCE blocks with FW_ACCESS_TIMEOUT set to zero.


mrugan said...

do you plan a release for a win32 client?

pbsl said...

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