Sunday, April 8, 2007

CipherDyne Blogspot Page Created

The current CipherDyne website is managed by a set of custom perl scripts that creates and edits a series of static HTML pages. This eliminates CGI scripts, which is good for security, but it means that people cannot leave comments for stories that are posted to the CipherDyne blog. I have created a parallel blog on Blogspot so that comments can be tied to stories. Another consequence is that Google searches for content related to CipherDyne projects and concepts may become more effective depending on how the new blog is indexed. The content on the new blog will be largely the same as the original, but occasionally I may post some stories there that are more speculative in nature than the generally technical or "software release" posts on the main blog. If people have comments about the stories, please post them on the new blog for all to see. In the spirit of open source development, this is the best way to share new ideas about the topics discussed here.

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